Our Story

We hail from the heart of the entertainment capital of the world in San Francisco, California, USA, known for the cutting-edge technologies in arts, fashions, animations and multimedia solutions for the promotion of film, video and content delivery business.

We are proud to bring together multiple disciplines and diverse experiences into the film production business. With head offices in San Francisco, USA, and project offices in Yangon, Myanmar, we are proud to be united and working in close collaborations with Myanmar Motion Picture Organization (MMPO) and popular artists and professionals from the entertainment circles.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver the next generation of production and post-production services in partnership with professionals from the film and media industry. We want to produce films based on quality production standards with the highest regards to international practices while meeting the expectations of the moviegoers.

Our mission is to be the most trusted production house in delivering the next generation of filmmaking solutions, supporting the combined talents of local and foreign screenplay artists, directors, photographers, composers, and screenwriters from around the globe.

We are proud to be supporting the “Movie-for-Charity” project in affiliation with the Mary K. Yap Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of orphan children from Myanmar.

Our FaceBook page will serve as your primary destination to receive up-to-date information and breaking news about your favorite personalities from the show business representing artists from USA and Myanmar.

We look forward to sharing our perspectives and engaging with you.

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