To our super talented Mandalay Productions cast and crew


  • Start: Mar 18 2019
  • Host Detail: Mandalay Productions LLC

Mar, 19, 2019

To our super talented Mandalay Productions cast and crew It gives so much joy to extend utmost admiration and heartfelt appreciation to all for bringing us to this milestone. March 16, 2018 is our final day for US Production here in San Francisco. It has been an incredible journey, working side by side with a truly amazing group of talented and outstanding people who have committed themselves to support this movie for charity project, for which Mandalay Productions is proud to be the sole financier. The movie for charity project was created to promote greater awareness and attention to the Myanmar Orphan communities, which along with the board of directors of the Mary K. Yap Foundation, have been striving to help for the past 19 years. Never could we have imagined the extraordinary sacrifices and dedication that filmmaking involves in planning, errors, decisions, and repeated visits back to the drawing board to plan until we got things right. Credit to all the well-rounded discussions with the creative people. Despite the exemplary talents of individual cast and crew members, none of us could have reached this far in the production without the tremendous work of all parts of our team. Sometimes we take it too much for granted, the tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes in producing 110 minutes of film. This experience reaffirms our belief that filmmaking is most of all about faith and trust in the work of the production team and in the relationships that are forged in telling a worthy story on film. Our spirit of “Myittar” to our Director Graham, and Producer/Assistant Director Alex who we have the highest regards. We did not have to look back. Graham is an extraordinary Director with extreme patience and absolute focus, while Alex brings calmness and a level of clarity when the pressure to perform was on, even when he was sick. Along with them, a dynamic team of exceptional individuals in our Location management, Food and Services, Logistics, Wardrobe, Camera, Lighting, Audio, Script Supervision, Production Accounts, Compliance, Hair and Makeup, and finally, our esteemed Marketing team, was assembled and organized. We came together, not only building successful relationships, but also producing the best picture for Myanmar and the world to see. We are indeed one unified Mandalay Productions/Imperative Pictures team. “Myittar” is the Burmese word for “Love”. The screenplay that Graham developed with the adaptation from Ma Nway, based on the original Myittar Story, written by Mary K Yap will no doubt touch many lives for years and decades to come. We can all be proud to have been part of that effort and in helping the many orphans that this movie will support. On the last note, our special acknowledgement to members of the cast, including Lu Minn, Mi Mi Khine, Gin, Chrissy, Brittney, Fiona, May, Little Tyler, Holland, Chris, Louella, LuAnn, and to all the members from the trailer kids family. You are part of this monumental occasion. God bless all of you abundantly. Mandalay Productions LLC